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Payment Methods


· Using a credit or debit card

· Once the user has chosen the credit card transaction, he / she goes to the secure environment of the VivaPayments service where he / she is required to provide his / her VISA or MASTERCARD credit card expiry date, name and three-digit verification code.

· VivaPayments provides a high level of security because card information is transmitted over the internet in encrypted form with maximum security. In the secure - encrypted form of payment, fill in all the required fields.

If you buy with a corporate card, the recipient's name should appear on the card.

In an online transaction, your card details (debit - credit) should match your order details.

Our store accepts cards from all banks except Diners and American Express.

· Deposit to Bank Account with details.

IBAN:  GR5701407110711002002010778 , Alpha Bank, beneficiary Bizshop MON. IKE

In the case of a bank account, your order is executed, by sending us the e-mail to  with the proof of deposit (which should indicate the order number as the reason) and if prior information is provided by the customer. client to complete the deposit.

The shipment time starts from the date of confirmation of proof. A payment is considered to have been made only when the amount of the payment has been paid in full.

Note: If you wish to transfer via bank other than our online store, the bank charges the user costs. Otherwise, the shipment will not be processed until the costs we have been charged by the bank are refunded.

· By submitting your order payment upon delivery to the place you have chosen.

Please note that if you choose to make a down payment you will be charged EUR 3.50 (plus shipping costs).

Invoices under Article 39A VAT Code

· From the date of application of Article 39A VAT Code to safeguard transactions, the payment of the order will be made strictly through a corporate bank account.

· Shipment orders from our store with an invoice will only be processed if we first verify the accuracy of the required documents (within 1-10 business days from the date of registration) and your entry into the regular VAT regime in order to verify that the provision of Article 39A of the VAT Code and the guidelines of POL 1150/2017 applies.

In particular, the following steps are required to make an invoice purchase:

· Register as a New Customer.

· After you sign up you should send us the following email to your order email

1. Personal Information Form with Business Registry Details from your company taxis net account (in pdf file) where the date of dispatch of documents will be printed as a printing date.

2. Copy of the identity of the Entrepreneur in the case of a sole proprietorship or of the Company's Legal Representative in the case of a legal entity (in pdf file).

3. Statute and Official Gazette or Announcement of GEMI as well as printing from Taxis net Legal Entity Data (in pdf file), stating the date of dispatch of the documents and the resulting Legal Representative of the company ( applies only to legal entities).

4. An official document from the bank in which the Client maintains an account proving that the Client is the account holder and that the account is professional and belongs to the same VAT ID as that of the Client.

· After the documents have been shipped and checked by our account within the deadline set above, the documents will be processed and after successful completion, the approved customers will be able to place orders after logging into their account.

· In case of invoice issuance the payment is made only by Bank Transfer or Remittance, from a corporate / professional account belonging to the same VAT ID as that of the Customer and the products are shipped only to the Customer's registered office.

· In the event that we have not received the above documents within 48 hours or the documents sent to us do not meet the requirements of Law and POL, the order will be automatically canceled.

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